Things to do



Squid soup with bamboo shoot

Squid soup with bamboo shoot is a famous dish in Bat Trang which is prepared elaborately by women. Bamboo shoots are preliminarily processed, then boiled.

Stir-fried kohlrabi with squid

Kohlrabi is grated into small fibers and then squeezed out of water. Squid is selected from Thanh Hoa, after preliminary processing, squids will be cleaned with ginger wine to be soft and white, then scraped off and peeled off the black film on the body.

Sweet soup with sticky rice

This dish includes sticky rice and sweet soup. Post-processed sticky rice is cooked with lard or chicken fat.

Seed tea

The best seed tea is usually bought in early August to September. The seeds are dried, then put in jars and sprinkle flowers in many layers.

Hundred-day alcohol

Hundred-day alcohol is a specialty in Bat Trang. Alcohol is kept in jar for 100 days before it can be drunk.